What’s New in Marketing Homes?

The Dave Oswald Homes Team's Real Estate signs now show off our new QR (for quick response) Code. You’ll be seeing more of these in our marketing and advertising materials! The QR Code is a form of a barcode that allows people with “Smart” Phones such as the iPhone or the Android to take a picture or scan of the code and, within seconds, be linked via their phone to pictures, video and other information about the house or about the Dave Oswald Homes Team. Our link offers six “buttons” upon arrival: video of the property, property information, a link to our website, contact info for each of our team members, links to our social media and a link to our newsletter. This robust application is customized for our Team and includes a “geo-locator” feature. Because Smart Phones are equipped with GPS, it can tell which of our listings the interested person with the phone is standing in front of or driving by. Therefore, we only need one code for all our listings. One sign fits all!

 Just another flash-in-the-pan marketing gizmo? Hardly. This technology is sweeping across the world with a myriad of marketing and manufacturing applications. It is all about increasing the speed with which we get needed information in front of buyers. Home buyers want information fast and our job is to help them get it!

Strategic Pricing!

Without question, we are in a “Buyer’s Market.” Therefore, we – you & I - must be strategic in pricing your home. When supply exceeds demand, a “competitive” price isn’t enough to capture an offer. A “compelling” price, also known as a “worry” price, will attract offers. A “worry” price is one that, once a prospective buyer has been through your house, they worry someone else will buy your home before they can!

 Here are some common myths & misunderstandings often embraced by Sellers:

  • If we lower our price, we are “giving our house away”
  • We need room to negotiate
  • Buyers always offer less than List Price (except in multiple simultaneous offers)
  • Our neighbors think our house is worth more
  • We don’t want to hurt our neighbors’ home values
  • Our appraisal from two years ago was much higher than you are suggesting
  • Let’s try the higher end of the range
  • We can always come down but we can’t go up
  • We have plenty of time to sell – we’re not in a hurry
  • Realtors just want a low price for a quick sale
  • We don’t want to leave money on the table
  • The days of multiple offers are over!


The Dave Oswald Homes Team philosophy on pricing is simply this:

  • List just below the mid-point of the price range for your home
  • Be prepared to lower the price or increase the value of your home if we don’t get an offer in 30 days
  • Price your home so the market chases us versus we chase the market
  • Interest in your home wanes the longer it remains unsold
  • Comparable sales lose pricing relevance with age
  • Most buyers finance their purchases – your home must appraise!
  • Realtors have a financial incentive to get the most $$$ for your home


Let’s price your home to SELL for the most money!!!

Real Estate Quote of the Month

“Ninety percent of all millionaires became so through owning real estate.”

Andrew Carnegie, 1919